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The Crystal Caravan

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Astra Stube 
Datum / Date11 / 02 /2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery crystal_caravan_hamburg_2011 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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In Umeå, in Sweden´s north, from where the seven-member band THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN comes, blows at minus 20 degrees the snow through the streets. No wonder the Northmen felt in Hamburg gentle breezes already like in spring.

The Crystal Caravan - even to hear on their MySpace page - stuck deep in the retro corner, summoner of the good old early 70´s magic. It´s amazing with what bands they were compared in the various reviews of recent years, from Led Zeppelin or The Who to Cream or Hendrix´s is on the menu, yes, and with The Doors, because of an old organ weeping.

Before the band could start with their furious show, first The Trash from Hamburg delivered food for the ears, quite dirty and psychedelic they played as the igniter. Lyrics were more likely secondary beside to the bluesy garage rock. "Now comes a song to which I haven´t found still any lyrics" the singer announced right in the middle - long rocking instrumental passages reminiscent of the uncontrolled, herb impregnated trance mood of the ancients, who lost themselves on the stage inside of a nirvana of séance-like sessions.

The Crystal Caravan went as far decisively to the point. Niklas Gustafsson showed his round tummy, blared as Paul Weller and in between a girl from the audience just got a hearty kiss from him. Yeah, love is on the air. The songs differed in one respect certainly not much from each other - they all remembered less for the Led Zeppelin´s aggressiveness, especially not in Black Sabbath doom, but spit fat groovy and soulful rather a round rockin´ party atmosphere of the bar.

The small rock club Astra Stube ducking under the overpass of the train, was from the front window to the stage filled to bursting. The audience celebrated the nostalgic brushed, energetic Sweden Rock. This had been something almost familiar.

Late at night a street artist appeared inside of the crowd to catch a sacrifice for his artistic portraits. What he found was Niklas Gustafsson, who sat on the stage after the show to sell CDs and T-shirts to the people. Without much hesitation, Niklas made the deal perfect, and his major belly, curly beard and red hair mane became to a line drawing on paper.

: pic:crystal_caravan_text/cc_text06.jpg: pic:

More photos in the gallery above!

Niklas RG Gustafsson (vocals)
Björn Lohmander (guitar)
Stefan Bränberg (guitar)
Jonas Lindsköld (organ)
Pierre Svensson (bass)
Annika Bränberg (percussion)
Christopher Olsson (drums)

Andreas Torneberg

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