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Ektomorf (Hu) | Korzus (Bra) | Liquid God (Ger) | Gorthaur`s Wrath (Cro)

Stadt / City Graz 
Land / Country AUT 
Datum / Date04.02.2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Ektomorf_04022011 
Photos: Anna Grivas 
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Ektomorf´s ´Road to Redemption´ tour should lure me for the first time in this year to Explosiv club in Austrian Graz. Well, I have to admit that it was more my “support-the-underground” attitude than real interest in the band.
According to Facebook it should start at 20 h, somewhere I had read 19:30 h, therefore my colleague Anna (photos) and me arrived somewhere in that time frame – and surprisingly (this has not happened that often before) we noticed that the show had already started.

Gorthaur`s Wrath from Croatia played a technically advanced Black Metal which could not be recognized as such right away, though. There were influences of Thrashmetal and Rock and the musicians´ skills – the visually and acoustically impressive bass player has to be mentioned here – contributed to an excellent gig.

Liquid God from Hamburg were more melodic; their modern Nu Metal reminded sometimes of early `Life of Angony´ ´Faith no More´ or ´Clawfinger´ and seemed to please the audience. At least the guys could lure the crowd in front of the stage and keep it there. However, for me their rather boring sound mix wasn´t that appealing.

Powerful Thrash sounds, a lot of movement in the audience and a band that enjoys to be on stage – what more to ask for. Korzus from Brazil were completely unknown to me – shame on me, and one excuse could be that they rarely ever play live near our area. For me they were the headliners of this evening.

Pure hatred from Hungary, Ektomorf did not offer many surprises. Well, except this negative surprise when they tried to play a Jonny Cash tribute – and failed. Otherwise there was nothing new. Their songs – the old as well as the new ones – have this Déjà vu touch, you always feel like “I have heard that (and better) before by someone else” (and that person´s last name starts with ´C´ and his first name is Max). Therefore I rather made room for the die hard fans and left a bit earlier.

- 2 (for me) new & interesting bands: Gorthaur´s Wrath & Korzus
- the chapter Ektomorf = done for a while
And some (evil) remarks on the Metal scene in Graz: people always complain that nothing happens, and when something happens on a weekend and for a fair ticket price, nobody shows up – how typical is that. Once again Graz proved to be a “risk area” for gig & tour promoters. Still hail to Explosiv and the local promoter Heimo Zlöbl – there was nothing to complain about…

More photos in the gallery, see link in the heading section!

Bernd Krumböck

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