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Hatetrend / Crib45

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Land / Country FIN 
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Datum / Date18.2.2011 
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It seemed that the Finns Hatetrend had picked a bad date for their CD presentation: not only a two-digit-minus weather situation made keeping warm with some „high spiritual“ remedies pretty fruitless, it was also the Helsinki Metal Meeting Headliner Sabaton that rather attracted the few brave to a venue.

Before the Crib45 set it seemed therefore that it was a rather private event for a circle of friends, but with the first notes of Catharsis more and more people dropped by, No wonder, in this decade of their existance, the Dark Alternative Rockers have gained a following with their sinister ear candy (see CD Review here ), which they pulled off in a reduced guitar-and-drums core team (without keyboards + saxophone). They played a couple of older songs (Zahir, Last Breath) as well as brand new material.

Singer and Mastermind Teemu Mäntynen had visibly a hard time to cope with his flue towards the end – so the support gig was kept short, unfortunately.

have also been around for a while (since 2002) before reaching the point of releasing their debut album, and with Markus Mutta they have indeed an impressive Front man, vocally and visually. As expected, the live program focused on the brand new full length CD "Violated" that was released via the small Finnish label Violent Journey.

The music is a peculiar combination of in-your-face Rock, Death and Metalcore plus a nice dose of Groove. However, this force-of-nature style still could not work it´s charme on me, as I simply don´t dig any music genres that go with -core. But the respectable crowd in Alakerta cheered to their heroes, therefore I did not feel too guilty about leaving earlier, in order to catch the last tram home.

+ photos: Klaudia Weber

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