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Electric Eel Shock

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date11 Jun 2006 
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That was something. At 20:00 h the Molotow was supposed to open. But at around 21:30 the doors finally opened. Then our photographer was taken off the guestlist. After quite some tries of persuance we finally got him in. That the camera was broken and automatically deleted all the pictures was something we couldn´t know.

The beginning of the evening was V8Wankers, wo really got the party started. Already now the hall was seething. Some people from the audience were already totally exhaustet after the first 45 minutes. After a quite short break for changing the stage Electric Eel Shock started presenting their new album „Beat Me“. The first band I´ve ever seen heading for distroying their instruments already in the beginning. Most of you surely know, that a usual E-guitar doesn´t weigh that much, but to carry it between your teeth is in fact still quite weird. But it at least shows us, that guitarist and singer Aki has some strong teeth. A drummer dressed only with a sock usually can´t shock anyone either, but if he beats his drums like crazy with this sock this is quite funny though. After this little show they started playing seriously. They started with their very own version of the Black Sabbath classic „Iron Man“. Gian played with four sticks at the same time, and bass player Kazuto was strummin his bass wildly. Also the audience was involved in the show, even if it all the time hat to listen to stuff like „You are Bastards“, but then he added „I´m a Bastard, too“. Anyways there was lots of energy on stage, like I haven´t seen it for a long time. On stage just as well as infront of stage.

Fabian Zühlsdorff, Translation: Melanie Kircher

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