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Metalophobia: Minsk Security / As Sanity Fades / Crescent Moon / Hyperium

Stadt / City Bubikon 
Land / Country CH 
Datum / Date08. April 2011 
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The small but mighty concert in Switzerland which is known as “Metalophobia” attracted several people to come to the Rampeclub in Bubikon on April, 8th 2011. Two bands from Switzerland presented their new albums and were energetically supported by Swiss Crescent Moon and Hyperium.

The opener Crescent Moon did an amazing show this evening! The newcomer band from Switzerland put their shoulder to the wheel and got a part of the audience banging.

Who thought that the Melodic Death Metal band with such young band members couldn’t offer a good show to all the people was proven wrong, because they seemed to be very experienced in their stage acting. Therefore their show didn’t appeal uptight and some people were animated to rock. So it was a successful gig!

The second support band Hyperium, whose kind of music you can classify best as Deathcore or Metalcore didn’t animate that many people, but it didn’t change anything on their show itself. A positive aspect was that vocalist Steve came down from the stage to present his talent next to the audience. So the people’s eyes were definitely directed on them, though it lacked much on the audience’s attendance, because of the static and rather monotonous performance of Hyperium.

The Thrash Metal band Minsk Security made a really good atmosphere this evening. Beside new songs from the current album “Reign Of Iniquity” they also played some older songs like “Safe In Minsk, “Born To Lead” and “Dead End”. Of course the highlight of their show was the christening of their new album “Reign Of Iniquity”, for what a man disguised as a demon drove on a motorbike in front of the stage.

Last but not least the band As Sanity Fades gave several songs. As the last band this evening they had the longest play time and entertained the audience with their technical sophisticated Melodic Death Metal which is decorated with influences of a synthesizer. They also had the christening of their new album “Gefangen” this evening.

All in all it was a nice, little concert in a good location. It was definitely worth to go there and I’m sure that most of the people will take part the next time, too. Those of you who want to hear a few songs of the bands can click on the homepage indicated above, where the band pages are linked to.

+ photos: Tatjana Ziegler

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