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Leaves Eyes / Midnattsol / 69 Chambers

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Datum / Date28.04.2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery LeavesEyes11_gal 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Concerts that appeal to me have become rare here nowadays. Either it´s too far away where bands play and you cannot get back home because of those “brilliant” train connections, or bands to not visit Switzerland at all. But luckily there´s Z7 club, although you might notice it´s “same procedure as every year” billing-wise; still a nice distraction from daily stress.

69 Chambers
This Swiss band from Zurich got the support slot at short notice – and in my opinion they should have skipped it. The problem has remained the same, just like at the last concert that I have attended. The music is quite good but the thin voices of both female singers cannot convince me. Well, there are worse singers still, but perhaps they should focus a bit more on their singing and the music and not so much on their stage outfits.

This night we have two females from the Espenaes family on stage: Liv Kristine´s little sister Carmen Elise is the singer of Midnattsol. It´s the first time that I see them live, and thei are not bad indeed. A trademark are Carmen´s white clothes, which perhaps don´t become such pale-skinned people. Whereas Carmen sometimes gets visually strained by her vocal duties and therefore seems to be a bit stiff, female bass player Birgit Öllbrunner draws all the attention. This charismatic lady enchants with her joy being on stage, and WOW you hardly ever see a bass player moving and banging graciously, without seeming arrogant and using more than 2 strings.

Leaves Eyes
After a short change-over the band´s intro begins, and they start the set with 2 new songs from the new album „Meredead“, which do not quite take over the crowd of 300, because hardly anybody knows this album yet. But the third song „Ocean‘s Way“ gets the people into the mood. Surely Alex has to be part of this one, and he shakes his hair vigorously. During the set there´s an abundance of new songs, perhaps a bit too much, because spirits are not that high during those. In order to make up for it, we get an acoustic version of „For Amelie“ and a traditional Norwegian song that Liv performs together with sister Carmen. Alex mentions that his wife Liv gives her best (in high heels) despite torn ligaments. Still you could glimpse a stony-faced Liv sometimes – hopefully just because of the ligaments, I somehow missed her sincere charm this time. But Leaves Eyes will be back at Z7 in only 10 days, as Tarja Turunen support, hopefully there will be less pain and more fun.

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Sandy Mahrer

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