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Power of Metal II: Sabaton, Grave Digger, Powerwolf, Skull Fist

Stadt / City Oberhausen 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date17.09.2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Sabaton_2011 
Photos: Timo Pässler 
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In recent years the venue Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen (Germany) has become a favoured location for Heavy Metal concerts in western Germany. Just a short time ago, bands like Kreator and In Flames played here in a sold out venue, and at the end of this year Machine Head will give a concert here as well. But this night it is up to Sabaton and co to celebrate this Saturday evening. The lights are up, now let Power of Metal pt. 2 beginn!

The first band are Skull Fist (start photo) who do it indeed old school: The four Canadians are playing pure 80s Heavy Metal. So they like double bass attacks, high screams and also the right dress codes. The guys, who are still quite unknown in Europe, convince with their energy and their joy of playing. When the show ends after 30 minutes, they should have won some more fans. More band photos in the gallery, see link in the headline section!

Besides Sabaton merchandise, Powerwolf shirts are really popular in tonight`s audience. This is a bit surprising because the 5 guys, despite having released really good albums in the last years, have never toured extensivly in Germany or in Europe.

More band photos in the gallery, see link in the headline section!
When the Wolves start their set, the first half of the people in the venue raise their arms – just to drop them only a few seconds later. The reason: malfunctioning technical equipment, right after the intro. The result: Some seconds of silence. Frontman Atilla papers these cracks with his typical humor (``When I heard how many people would appear here tonight, I became a bit nervous. But surprisingly also the technical equipment became nervous.“) . After a short repair break, the show can begin once again with `Sanctified with Dynamite`, the opener of the current album. Even if Atilla does not hit all high notes in the beginning, the show becomes really great. So it does not take a long time until all people in the venue raise their arms. All in all, this is a show which might also be played by a headliner and which will also put some more pressure on the today`s headliners. After too short 45 minutes Powerwolf leave the stage, but not without announcing their headliner show on 15th October in Essen (Germany).

More band photos in the gallery, see link in the headline section!
It is a difficult situation now for Grave Digger. But Chris Boltendahl and his guys do have enough experience and enough hits in their history to take this challenge. Despite the fact that Grave Digger are going crazy right away, a major part of the audience remains a bit reserved. Is it because their stuff sounds a bit rougher than of the other bands tonight? Or is it because the audience wants to save their last power for the Sabaton show? However, the ice breaks when Grave Digger announce their final two songs (of course `Rebellion` and `Heavy Metal Breakdown`). Actually, it was a good show of Chris and co tonight.

In comparison to Grave Digger, the audience is going crazy right from the first second when Sabaton are entering the stage. With the first tunes of `Ghost Divison`, the temperature in the venue becomes critically high. If you think of the fact, that Sabaton have been the 3rd support band in last years on Germany (even for Grave Digger), it becomes obvious how fast they climbed up the ladder. This is actually the result of constantly great songwriting and also constantly great shows (and also a portion of luck). And both things are also being delivered today by Sabaton. Sometimes the sound is not perfect (`Screaming Eagles` has almost no guitars), but it is nevertheless a real plessure to watch the guys playing.

More band photos in the gallery, see link in the headline section!
Because it is the final show of the tour today, pranks are to be expected. So the Sabaton crew is really ambitious to get Joakim drunk today. After the 2nd song they appear with a mobile „bar“ on stage and pass around some drinks. Later on, several drinks are being delivered the „short way“, just from the side of the stage. The audience likes it obviously and encourages the crew with ``Another Beer!``-shouts. This, in return, encourages Powerwolf´s Atilla to bring Joakim also some Guiness. Joakim seems to know how much he can drink during a show, therefore he hands some of the drinks directly over to the audience.
After 90 minutes, the show is done and 2000 happy headbangers are being released into the night. All in all, the path of the Power of Metal tour (four Bands, some less known, some more established, every one with adequate playing time) seems to be right. The resonance of the audience confirms this. Right now, I am already curious about the next time!


Sanctified with Dynamite, Prayer in the Dark, Raise your Fist Evangelist, We drink your Blood, Werewolves of Armenia, Dwad Boys don`t cry, Resurrection by Erection, Saturday Satan, Lupus Dei

Grave Digger:
Paid in Blood, Dark of the Sun, Wedding Day, Hammer of the Scots, Twilight of the Gods / The Grave Dancer / Circle of Witches (Medley), Killing Time, Highland Farewell, Excalibur, Rebellion, Heavy Metal Breakdown

Ghost Division, In the Name of God, White Death, Screaming Eagles, Price of a Mile, Swedish Pagans, 40:1, Cliffs of Gallipoli, Into the Fire / Attero Dominatus, Purple Heart, Coat of Arms, Saboteurs, Panzerkampf, Primo Victoria, Metal Ripper

Timo Pässler

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