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Children Of Bodom

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finland 
Datum / Date28 Oct 2005 
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It seems to be a sort of tradition already that Children of Bodom have to play a sold-out double feature in Helsinki... and this is one of the occasions that you really appreciate the video-screen upstairs.

This time with the aid of local television you even got nice close up of Jaska's facial expressions. That's not the only reason watching the band is always fun: I like their energy, humor and positive attitude to life as such, expressed in lyrics and album titles ...

With „Sixpounder“, „Hate me“ and „Silent Night Bodom Night“ the band opened the show, surprising with a new cool stage set. Naturally the focus remained on material from the new „Are you dead yet“-album. The „Bastards of Bodom“ proved that slowing down a bit still gets straight „In your face“, and you move to the „Living Dead Beat“ until you feel „Thrashed, Lost & Strungout“. But they didn't forget their old hits like „Needled 24/7“, „Everytime I die“ and „Hate Crew Deathroll“, the hymn for their fans who gladly picked up Aleksi's „Bodom sucks“ chanting. As the club had turned into a sauna within minutes, I still wonder how the energetic frontman found enough liquid for his spits ...

Great show, but there is still one reason for denying maximum points: they didn't play their Britney Spears cover „Oops I did it again“! ARGH...

Klaudia Weber

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