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Pompei Nights

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room 
Datum / Date15.10.2011 
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Has the sound in the "Green Room" of "Bar Bäkkäri" always been that lousy? For weeks we were looking forward excitedly for the concert of Pompei Nights, the first live-show of those five Swedes outside their home country. The longest set they have ever played so far. And for many attendees including my humble self it`s the first gig of Pompei Nights at all. The venue is crowded as it is rarely the case these days, and the predominantly female audience is already dancing boisterously while the DJ plays songs such as Hardcore Superstar`s "Moonshine". When Pompei Nights start their set with "I Want It", one of their strongest songs, everyone is going wild right away. Nevertheless, the insufficient sound is hard to ignore. Who knows Pompei Nights is celebrating them anyway, but those who don`t, won`t be able to discover their unique "Nicke Andersson meets Sleaze Rock" mixture tonight. It`s truly regrettable. Besides their own songs "She`s Stuck", "Shaded", "Mistreated", "City Of Blinding Lights", "Out Of Bounds", "Midnight Mistress" and a new still untitled song, we can also listen to coverversions by Iggy Pop & The Stooges ("Search And Destroy"), Guns`n`Roses ("Nightrain") and Hanoi Rocks ("A Day Late, A Dollar Short").

During the latter, even those who neither know Pompei Nights nor their currently sold out debut album "Rather Die Than Livin` In Boundaries" start to go crazy. That`s the way it is when it comes to the Finnish national heroes, but as a matter of fact, the charismatic Joey Eden (Vocals), Olli Cox (Guitar), Matt Cosby (Guitar), Rob Cole (Bass) and Devlin (Drums) play this cover more than felicitously. However, even among the supporters of those guys from Stockholm, you`ll hear afterwards that the "Wah Wah Woom" was missing in their show. But no proper sound, no "Wah Wah Woom", right? Therefore this overall rating of seven elks instead of the potential nine: Against all acoustic odds, the skills of Pompei Nights were unmistakable and so we would take the next ferry to Stockholm without hesitation, if their next gig is going to take place in their home town again...

+ photo: Stefanie Singh

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