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Scene D` Chryme at KISS Expo 2011

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date26.11.2011 
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It`s just three weeks ago that Scene D` Chryme caught my eye and I thought: "Wow, these guys really rock!" Obviously, I`m not the only one with that opinion, as the organisers of the "KISS Expo 2011" chose the very same quintet as the opening act for Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick and John Corabi and the KISS Forever Band. But before that you have to endure a delay of almost an hour, standing about in the crowded lobby of the "Nosturi"; you can hardly move due to the masses of booths and people. "KISS-Sellout" wherever you look, from t-shirts to signed guitars - which are locked in glass cabinets - you can find almost every kind of merchandise of Simmons, Stanley & Co.. For the princely sum of 30 €, you can even purchase a KISS action figure for your own glass cabinet. Unfortunately, these kind of oddities seem to be more interesting for the Expo visitors than the opening act from Helsinki. Or how else can you explain that the hall is not that packed after its opening?

However: After Jussi69, drummer of The 69 Eyes and host of the event, has announced the band around frontman Wekkie Hart, they enter the stage after a long, suspenseful intro from the "Sin City" soundtrack (The Servant - "Cells") and start their show with "Taste For Tension", followed by "Boombox Enemy". In order to breake the ice between them and the audience, Wekkie introduces the KISS cover "I Love It Loud" with the words: "Come on, you know this one! If you don`t, you`re not at the right place!" Its intro even contains other well-known riffs like the ones from "I Love Rock`n`Roll" (Arrows), "We Will Rock You" (Queen) and "Bag On Your Head" (Hardcore Superstar) and at least some of the few attendees start to rock now finally. After "Enter The Prey", the title track of their first EP, follows "Tame Me A Nightmare", a composition of their just released second EP "Blackout", before the show is finalised by "This.Might.Get.Loud". It`s a pity as we would have liked to see more...

Conclusion: Scene D` Chryme have provided a wild Rock`n`Roll show which would have deserved full points, but unfortunately the audience was very reserved and too fixated on the headliner. It`s a fact I already have noticed quite often when it comes to Hard Rock concerts in Finland. It seems that there is nothing like Mötley Crüe and KISS, especially when those bands´ ex-musicians are present. It`s truly a shame that new local talents are underestimated and always the same old heroes are celebrated. My humble self couldn`t believe that something better could come after Scene D` Chryme - and so I left right after the opening act...

Stefanie Singh, Photo: Lance Kooma

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