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Poets of the Fall

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Virgin Oil 
Datum / Date9.12.2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery poets11 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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SOLD OUT can be read at the entrance of Virgin Oil Club in Helsinki. No wonder because in their home country Poets of the Fall are Rock/Pop nobility. Their first Single „Late Goodbye“ became one of the theme songs of the PC game Max Payne 2. Since 2003 when the band was founded, every of their Cds has reached #1 of Finnish charts and several gold and platinum awards. Their single „Carnival of Rust“ became the most often played song in 2006. In Central Europe this band is not that well-known yet, but their day may come still. They had been touring in Germany, Sweden, Norway and the US, so hopefully they will come to Europe again in 2012, so that you get a chance to check out those guys yourselves. I am definitely excited because I´ll see them live for the first time.

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It´s past midnight and the fan crowd filling two floors is slowly getting impatient. Because of Finnish „Pikkujoulu“ (company-internal X-mas-parties) there are some people who seem to have come directly from a business meeting. Nevertheless the spirits are high when the band finally enters the stage. Because it is the last gig in this year, the band will perform some extras that are not usually part of the show. Singer Marko Saaresto, dressed all in black, surprises with make-up, cylinder and feather boa. And it´s clear from the start that this guy has overwhelming charisma and voice as well. I knew it from the Cds, but there´s always a difference between studio and live, and here you can easily notice that everything delivered on studio Cds is also offered live – although there are some samples to support the live vocals. His voice never sounds tired or strained, and also his fellow musicians do an excellent job.

More photos in the gallery, link in top section!
The band kicks it off with „Dreaming wide Awake“ leading to „Can you Hear me“ and „Sleep“ to this evening´s special, an „Unplugged“ Set. „Desire“, „You’re still here“ and a special version of „Sorry go‘Round“ - where Marko sings „Shakira, Shakira my Baby“ and imitates her hip movements – the girls in the front row are given a present for X-mas, New Year and birthdays all together. After that there´s more punch with faster songs, but the setlist of this evening mainly contains calm tracks. Still it is not boring, because this band has such strong stage presence. Fans are singing along time and again, and I think this is the biggest compliment for an artist hearing the whole club singing along with the songs he/she has written. Naturally they are called back for encores - „Goodbye“, „Carnival of Rust“ and „Lift“! Die Poets of the Fall could not have a better farewell-gig for 2011, it was a very special event and I can strongly recommend to check out those guys live.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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