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Stadt / City Potsdam 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date28 Aug 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Apocalyptica_Potsdam_2005 
Photos: Anna Routsis 

Evening mood lies over Potsdam, the anticipation rises because in the course of international music and arts Apocalyptica will perform. A cool atmosphere spreads when entering the Nikolaisaal hall although the sight of seats is quite weird (hmm, doesn´t that somehow remind me of concerts in Japan?!?). But the hall crackles with expectation, the spirits are high and everyone is waiting curiously for the cello inferno!

Then, finally the metal cellists Eicca, Perttu, Paavo and Antero enter the stage in full strength. Not to forget drummer Dave Lombardo – frenetic applause everywhere! Right away the cellos are belaboured with the opener “Somewhere Around Nothing.”

However, it´s interesting that the crowd stays seated virtuously, enjoys the sight of Eicca and Perttu who apparently try to outplay each other with headbanging. Then the sitting crowd appeared oddly also to Eicca because after the first 3 songs he whimsically grinning snapped the mic to let everyone know “Even though we play the cellos sitting you ,of course, may stand…”. He didn´t need to ask twice! It´s really fascinating and thrilling to see how the Finish cellists power from one song to the next. Perttu plays his cello and headbangs as if in a trance.

Then, whatever might have been the trigger, with the song “Betrayal” Eicca besides playing cello also mauls Dave Lombardo´s drums with his bow. Also Paavo goes mental!

I have seen some Apocalyptic concerts – and still it´s over and over again an absolute highlight. Although only 750 people fit into the Nikolaisaal hall it was a concert with a unique atmosphere. Even Eicca, Perttu, Paavo, Antero and Dave seemed to be captivated by the mood just like the fans, too. Apocalyptica proved once again that they, indeed, are a live band. A super successful concert! Let´s see what they will create next in their music laboratory – on this note: Nähdään!!!

Anna Routsis, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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