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Sinner / Voodoo Circle

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Galery Pratteln 
Datum / Date29.11.2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Sinner11_gal 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Finally Sinner and Voodoo Circle visit Switzerland, as the tour had to be cancelled due to Matt Sinner´s rip injury, the Germans can finally make up for those gigs. Tonight it´s a small club cooperating with Z7, but thus it´s more familial which might even be more appealing.

Voodoo Circle
With a little delay they finally start at 20.45, and there´s an astonishing big crowd for a Tuesday. First Mat Sinner´s side project Voodoo Circle is on, where he is focusing on the bass. The Brit David Readman handles the microphone, who is also the front man of Pink Cream 69. Voodoo Circle give a nice kick-off, but for my taste there are too many instrumental parts, where guitarrist Alex Beyrodt and the keyboarder have long duels. Singer David obviously does not know what to do then, as the stage is not big enough for huge show effects. But drummer Markus Kullmann performs a nice show behind his kit which is great to watch. For me Voodoo Circle work better than live, or maybe they should have picked some other songs for the setlist.

After a 30-40 break Sinner get on stage, and the band did not change much, there are just three new people. In the back on the left there is now also a little bar where David Readman and Rodie Neil provide drinks and backing vocals. The audience cheers much more now, no wonder because the guitarists and Alex Beyrodt give it all – as guitar colleague Christof Leim said, „3 guitars are as strong as a tractor“ - I´d rather say like a racing car! The drum solo of Rage drummer André Hilgers does not work as well as planned – the crowd does not react too much. Some ladies, however, flirt with all the guys, and none of them seems to mind. Mat Sinner is not only good on bass, he is also an excellent singer and entertainer, and the setlist get better and better. A “Rebel Yell” cover is the final song before they leave the state, just to return right afterwards to give autographs etc. A great evening, and I was more impressed by Sinner than by Voodoo Circle.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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