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Muddy Bones (Loppiaisrock 2012)

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Sture 21 
Datum / Date06.01.2012  
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Just recently we missed Muddy Bones as support for Caroline `cause we spent the same night at the less exciting "Zombie Love Club". How much more exciting those night could have been becomes clear tonight where the quintet rocks as the second of the three acts the last day of the 2-day festival "Loppiaisrock 2012" [in English: "Epiphany Rock 2012"] at "Sture 21"...

Everything starts with a delay of half an hour which is a pity `cause thereby we will miss the following concert of SPIHA at "Virgin Oil". However: After the first tones of the opener "Whiskey", other gigs that are taking place tonight are forgotten, and what we get to see is a "Jonne Aaron meets Hanoi Rocks and Caroline" mixture - but, fortunately, the part with Jonne Aaron only applies to singer Pete Waters´ looks. Musically, Muddy Bones are offering Rock`n`Roll at its finest with songs like "Things I Do" and "Devil Woman" Blues, which has practically everyone raising from their seats, from women of all ages to tough metalheads. Muddy Bones even have a knack for melancholic tones as they prove with the very felicitous "State I`m In". For "Shootin` Gun", Pete takes a harmonica out of his trouser pocket, before his vest, shirt and scarf are flying into a corner. While this delights the younger ladies, the older ones might be pleased about classics of The New York Dolls ("Cause I Sez So"), The Rolling Stones ("Jumpin` Jack Flash") and, of course, the one and only Hanoi Rocks ("Tragedy"). The audience even gets to choose between Hanoi Rocks and The Ramones, but Finland is a country that knows its heroes - and loves them rightly...

Who wondered about the fact that Muddy Bones had been founded just last summer but already tour through the clubs all over Finland: The band consists of Tragic Gunns and Slimey Greenback ex-members, so their live experience is abundant. Which you can find out for yourself at one of their numerous concerts.

+ photo: Stefanie Singh

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