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Zombie Love Club: Irma / DJ Jyrki69

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Bar Loose 
Datum / Date9.2.2012 

Again a "Zombie Love Club" with Irma as live-act? Well, almost. Actually, there was another act playing that night: "Rex Vingris", the Singer / Songwriter project of Underdøgs singer Jukka Paajanen. We would have enjoyed to see this performance, too, after we had skipped all the live-acts last time due to our previous "Zombie Love Club" disappointments. But against our expectations (gigs starting with delay lately), tonight`s performances are seemingly on time, and so the stage is already set for Irma when we arrive at "Bar Loose"...

"I`m surprised myself that Jyrki asked me again to play here. After that short time. And I hope that everything will go well `cause I have caught a cold." Shortly after this speech, the STALKER Fresh Act from October 2011 starts her set with "Run (Runaway Run)", followed by "Black Box", "In Vain" and "Painless". Goosebumps appear due to the gloomy-sounding "Swimming With The Sharks", and it`s apparent that nowadays Irma spends most of her time with her mentor Johnny Lee Michaels in the studio to record her debut album. There is a little bit more routine in everything since the "Zombie Love Club" in September 2011, and although there could have been more people present tonight, there is at least no disturbing noise during the performance. Her cold doesn`t derogate the following songs "No Fear", "Lost", "Wanted", "Like Others" and the final "Take Me Home" either, and the Singer / Songwriter artist herself attests "Bar Loose" a better sound than "Alakerta". And all in all, maybe the whole performance was even better than at "Alakerta" back then.

Who wants to check out host and DJ Jyrki69 at his work should look for the "Late Zombie Love Night" or the "Zombie Love Club`s Sunday School" in the future, as The 69 Eyes frontman´s event series was re-named again and will take place once a month on a Sunday, without live-acts. It seems that the "Helsinki Vampire" loves to cause confusion...

+ photo: Stefanie Singh

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