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Blaze Bayley / Gonoreas

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Datum / Date16.03.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Blaze2012_gal 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Originally this concert should have taken place at Z7, but with pre-selling below expectations the event was moved to the smaller and therefore cost-effective neighbour Galery. As mentioned before, the locationīs charme is similar to the Zick Zack Restaurants in Zürich with the same high quality food, but itīs smaller. And despite the great decoration, the atmosphere is not as nice as Z7īs. Still the decision was right, as Galery turns out being nicely filled, but definitely not sold out.

First itīs the Swiss Gonoreas who heat up the crowd with their Heavy Metal songs to prepare the grounds for the main act. I have to say that they were much better at the Galery than years ago at Back to Rock or True as Steel Festival. One thing is clear, the guys Gilbi, Damir, Pat, Stefan and the lady Larissa have fans in Switzerland and obviously also abroad, as they will play some shows in the UK soon. And if they pull it off there in the same way, many more gigs should follow. The music appeals to the crowd and itīs absolutely Ok that they get to play an encore, too.

More band photos in the gallery, link in top section!
Once again the British King of Metal Blaze Bayley reformed his band and shares the stage with Lehman, Andrea Neri, Thomas Zwijsen and Claudio Tirincanti. Nothing to complain about the musicans also this time as they do a good job, although they might not appear as energetic as some might have expected. Still the fans give Blaze an enthusiastic welcome, as always. Blaze Bayley surprises them with a bald look - the man who had pulled of the long-hair-look despite receding hairline suddenly doesnīt have any left. But luckily that doesnīt really matter.

The tour promotes the new album „The King of Metal“, which is - according to band website - available by May 2012, but you can already purchase it at the gigs of this EU tour. Naturally some new songs are played, and suddenly after the third song the lights go out. For several songs to follow the band remains almost invisible, luckily somebody found a back light to put on so you can vaguely spot them. A no-go and quite annoying for the artist, but they were bravely pulling trhough - stuff like that can happen. The sound was far from perfect, too, itīs simply a different scale of equimpent and sound quality in a smaller venue.

More band photos in the gallery, link in top section!
Despite the difficulties, the show of band and singer was OK; admittedly there are repetitions, and although I havenīt seen the band in 3 years, by and by it became a bit boring. Maybe because it felt a bit weary and make-believe; Blaze didnīt seem in top form. Maybe because they played in a small club instead of the big venue. Later when giving autographs he seems less friendly and open as in earlier times. I hope that Blaze will find again that joy that has always been visible in his eyes, and that he can re-start his career despite of all the problems, because he deserves it.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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