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SPIHA feat. Anna Paatero / Hybrid Children

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room  
Datum / Date25.2.2012 
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As we´ve reported already, Henry Lee Roots, formerly known also as "Henry Lee Rock", is back with SPIHA. But even during the years SPIHA was inactive, Henry himself wasn`t: Sonic Roots here, TheWeedAmigos there... And although SPIHA has been the so far most successful project of Mister Lee Roots, the comeback didn`t really gain momentum. The new single "Will You Feel The Same" was once again more focussed on Gothic Rock for little girls than on the true strength of the band, Stoner Rock. Now, in the year of 2012, Henry tops it all off by turning the 2005 hit "Icebreaker" into a romantic duet with the former, Finnish "Idols" contestant Anna Paatero. A little sceptical, we join the big "Single & Video Release Party" to figure out what this new release is about...

The event starts with a performance of Jasse Salonen and his Hybrid Children. As this is not the first concert I see of them, I know what to expect: A wild Punk`n`Roll show at its best. As usual. Well, almost, because it`s somehow wilder than usual. The huge mosh pit which is built up during songs like "Dancing On Roses", "Summer Rain Street", "Fight As One" and "Glory Days` Decline" in front of the stage is simply amazing. Yes, perhaps it`s even the best show I have ever seen of Hybrid Children so far.

After Hybrid Children, we somehow completely miss the world premiere of the brandnew music video from SPIHA, and as we are not the only ones, this fact should be considered as a lack of organisation. And before you can say knife, the opener "Egoreactor" from the homonymous debut album starts and Mister Lee Roots – dressed in a black, mid-calf length coat - appears on stage. No sooner the coat has been thrown into a corner, Henry spots the stage`s framework above him and uses it repeatedly as a climbing frame if he`s not busy with a rattle or a chain saw. The latter is used as a kind of intro for "Neversleep". The connection between the insinuated chain saw massacre and "Neversleep" remains a mystery, but it doesn`t matter anyway, as the actual highlight of the show, namely the performance with duet partner Anna Paatero for "Icebreaker", has already taken place at that time. Unfortunately, the ice is not going to be broken till the end of tonight`s show, and it`s hard to say if it`s due to the lousy sound or to the fact that the vibes were way better during the performance of Hybrid Children...

Nevertheless: Returning to the original question, you can only congratulate Henry and Anna on "Icebreaker", a very felicitous semi-ballad which has nothing to do with sob stuff and thus represents a SPIHA release that should finally kickstart the comeback after all these years...

+ photos: Stefanie Singh

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