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SPINEFARM YOUNG GUNS 2012 - Profane Omen / Deals Death / Carnalation / CB Murdoc

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date20.4.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery ProfaneOmen12 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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The „Young Guns“ - brand new acts under the roof of Spinefarm Records – had to face tough competition in Helsinki´s live clubs (e.g. Amorphis); and initially it seemed that even a guest list raffle via facebook – because Profane Omen shot the video for their „Bound To Strive“ song that evening – had not helped much.

I felt pretty sorry for CB Murdoc because it was just a handful of people who listened to their Death Metal with a touch of Prog. And when this music is pretty cool, too, you feel even more sorry for all those who miss such a good band: powerful riffs, Entombed-like groove, not too much of fiddling-around and finally a portion of Doom, where you could hear a bit more of the keyboard. Even the lethargic looking group of teenagers jumped up to cheer the Swedes after the first songs. Hopefully the singer´s words „please support us, we´re poor fucking bastards“ actually made people buy some merchandise... but what made me wonder was the attention that this single inactive ventilator received from the front man – or was the monitor sound better at that spot?

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At least 3 x more people were present to cheer Carnalation from Seinäjoki, a band that also sound live like an acoustic wrecking ball - Old School Death Metal / Grind with merciless blast beats that have your stomach vibrate even in the very back. Just the right music to work off aggression, only rarely interrupted by calmer, more grooving parts (Cataclysm Catharsis). Unfortunately the band preferred red and black (meaning hardly any) light, interrupted by strobo attacks. A real challenge for photographers...

More photos in the gallery, link in the top section

Deals Death had impressed me – just like the previous act – with their CD, so I was curious how well the Swedish band would deliver their Gothenburg Metal variation live on stage – in front of a pretty big crowd, by the way. And to make it short, yes, they pulled it off – for once, it was obvious how much they enjoyed playing – smiling faces eveywhere, which is surely infective. Then it was also singer Olle Ekman with his Black-Metal front man posing and display of Finnish language skills = „valkosipuli“ = garlic, „kippis“ = cheers who had a highly entertaining effect. When they played their hit „Fortified“, even the bar area emptied out – NOBODY at the bar – and the audience did not need much invitation to cheer. „Conquered as one“ indeed... PS: The ventilator was still there in the front but still switched off.

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When after a slight delay the headliners Profane Omen entered the stage, Nosturi had filled up nicely – and the purpose of the ventilator (now better hidden) was revealed – it should not only give Jules´ long hair a dramatic effect, but also blow the fumes and the smoke of various pyro effects (which the band used for the first time in their career) off stage. The secret star of this event did its job so well that even the automatic fire doors downstairs (!) reacted...
Well, what to say about the show? PO have often been compared with Faith No More, and I cannot add anything more creative to that. Cool Metal-meets-HC sound, crazy song ideas and a versatile vocalist – and the video shoot situation had audience and band give it all. Only Jules seems to be slowed down by age a bit - because I could actually capture this likeable williwaw on some photos where you can actually recognise him :) Summary: thank you guys, for a great evening, and we are looking forward to the video!

More photos in the gallery, link in the top section

Profane Omen Setlist:

Klaudia Weber

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