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Sytyke-Klubi: Before The Dawn / Black Sun Aeon / Dawn Of Solace - DARKNESS UNPLUGGED

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date27.07.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery btdalakerta12 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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When the last Sytyke-Klubi had the atmosphere of „rehearsal/living room gig“, the comparison for this evening would rather be „church/chapel“ - it seemed you could hear a needle drop... (well, at least near the stage, on a backroom table there were some people who should rather have continued their endless chattering outside ...)

But let´s start from the beginning – once again Nosturi´s Alakerta Club Helsinki and Inferno Magazine invited to an Unplugged-Session, and this time it was something unique. First, the songs of 3 bands, namely Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace – the latter a true rarity, which made this gig a must-see already. Then the line-up, the mastermind of all bands mentioned, Tuomas Saukkonen (git), Pyry Hanski (git), Janica Lönn and Mikko Heikkilä (voc) – which indicated some cool stuff to come.

Unfortunately the weather wasn´t as nice as last time, the terrace could just be used quickly between two rain showers, and also the grill was kept cold this evening. Still many people had showed up so seat s ran out. Because of this slightly inpolite group I even gave up mine …

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This time the band wasn´t mingling with the crowd before the show, therefore anticipation hang in the air when the guys and the girl entered stage. And besides a „good evening“ and the occasional song title announcement there was no communication with the audience – they let the music talk. The ballad-version of „Unbreakable“, sung by Janica alone, I recognized just because of the lyrics – unusual but great arrangement. Which characterizes the rest of the set, I´d even suggest to replace „Hide Me“ completely with this unplugged-duet-version, even every single official release of this song :D…
Many BTD fans might have had a tear in their eyes, at least those missing Lars Eikind and his clean vocals and songs like „My Room“ or „Deadsong“ (which ended the set). Well, you could point out that 2 people were needed to „replace“ him... and those 2 did a brilliant job, Mikko´s und Janica´s voices simply go well together.

Well, not much more to say about the gig – if you missed it, you really missed something – great songs that touch you even more in their unplugged version, this intense „let´s hold breath until the song is over“, being close to the band – a real treat. The audience cheered gratefully – and let´s hope there will be another issue of this Darkness unplugged show...

More photos in the gallery, link in the top section

BTD: Unbreakable, My Room
DOS: Dead Air
BSA: Solitude
BTD: Monsters, Hide Me
DOS: I was never there
BSA: Nightfall, Frozen
BTD: Deadsong

Next Sytyke-sessions:
Thursday 2.8.2012, 12€

Thursday 9.8.2012, 8€, K18

Wednesday 22.8.2012, 8€, K18

Alakerta is opened 18:00 – 24:00 h, Bands play at 21h; when the weather is OK the terrace opens already at 15 h

Klaudia Weber

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