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Spiha | Tunes Of A Dawn

Stadt / City Berlin 
Land / Country Germany 
K 17  
Datum / Date20 Oct 2005 
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Slowly the evening covers up the city of Berlin and finally the doors of the K17 open. Tonight the Finnish rock band Spiha play in this cult club of the capital – supported by the band Tunes of Dawn from Berlin.

Full of expectation the people turn up and at 9 p.m. it finally starts with the Tunes Of Dawn. The guys rock out in front of their home crowd and the vibes are great. The deep and dark voice of singer Hagen casts a special atmosphere over the room. It’s a strange sight seeing Hagen play bass awesomely besides doing the vocals. Completely convincing are the songs “Divine” and “Back To London”. The gloomy and melancholic gothic sound comes across clean and amazing, the atmosphere is absolutely great. Too bad that the gig doesn’t last longer.

Then finally the time has come and the masters of Nordic rock enter the stage. It’s the first performance for Spiha in Berlin at all. The men from the cold North kick off heavily. They get across the songs from their new album “Spiritual Hallucination” brilliantly. Henry Lee whispers charismatically into the microphone. At the latest with the songs “If I fall” and “If I Ever Let You Go” the crowd in Berlin is down with it. Lead guitarist Junza thrashes his strings and the guitar sound carries the crowd away entirely. Bassist Bomber treats his bass not too warily either. This is an absolutely good debut concert from a great live band from Finland and it should be only the first out of further concerts because the band has a lot more in store.

Anna Routsis, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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