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Satellite Beaver

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Bar 227 
Datum / Date26 September 2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Satellite-Beaver_2012 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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Today, it´s not that easy for a young band to play stoner rock fresh and contemporary and not to sound only after the 90s. Satellite Beaver from Warsaw had already this year with their debut EP ”The Last Bow” presented a remarkable package of intensity. Now the energetic Hamburg agency Platinum PR, brought the Polish guys on their little tour through Germany for a gig to Hamburg.

The Bar 227 is one of the small venues somewhere between lounge and Underground: elixir of life for the lesser-known, young band scene. The appearance of the Polish band came quite spontaneously, but despite hasty buzz marketing and despite the Wednesday night there entered enough guests, who wanted the grunge blow their ears.

The friendly lady behind the bar (who tried to serve to the desire of the audience to decimate the beer supplies as thoroughly as possible) summed it afterwards as follows: "The band has played as under a pall of contemplation" The musicians sank concentrated behind their own, harsh guitar walls, which were torn apart by the weird string dissonances and - unfortunately too weak technically pitched - vocal parts.

The second guitarist Tom circulated inside of rhythmic Stoner loops, while also physically meditating in shadows of introversion. The new, just since a few months joining bassist rocked with a rapturous smile and closed eyes in a country known only to him. Mad, the drummer, laced an accurate corset to the psychedelic trips and long instrumental passages; in particular his facial expressions between enthusiasm and Delirium Tremens gave additional entertainment value to the sparkling drum work.

On guitar and microphone Szymon Ewertowski, who - without realizing it by himself - brought the high towering speakers and amplifier behind him dangerously to fluctuate; much to the concern of the increasingly skeptical-looking engineer at the mixer. And some of his nasty guitar solos could also work nicely as a glass cutter or tank buster.

The metallic and immediate sound of the studio work was also found in the small Bar 227 again. Due to the size of the room, came the hard impact at as in a rehearsal room. This fitted well with the music which has a similarity to a hybrid of Hawkwind, Kyuss, and Marilyn Manson. After an hour, the audience required a few additions. The day before Satellite Beaver had played in Rostock; Berlin to Hamburg follows. Good luck and welcome back again!

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Andreas Torneberg

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