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Siberian Jay

Stadt / City Tampere 
Land / Country FIN 
Henry´s Pub 
Datum / Date10.10.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery SibJay_gal 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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When there is a chance to see this band live, you better take it, because concerts are rare, as Siberian Jay are always busy with other projects. Perhaps some more promotion of this show would have been nice to attract more audience. Henry´s Pub in Tampere was full, yet only because of some company´s early Pikkujoulu (X-mas party) – binge drinking already in October, 60 guys and one more obnoxious than the other...
Despite the fact it´s the middle of the week, in Finland it´s normal that the concert starts after midnight. The stage in Henry´s Pub is very basic, a few white spots, basic stage tech and a tiny stage that hardly offers enough space for a whole band, but quite Ok for a start. Singer Ilari was a bit worried before the show, because they had little time to rehearse, and the band used the time backstage to go through the program once again. He also seemed a bit nervous on stage, but his worries were unfounded, they all did a super job. That´s when you see the difference between professionals and amateurs, pros deliver a good show even without rehearsals. The setlist contained pretty much the whole album.

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Some of the few females in the crowd seemed to be fascinated by Ilari´s charisma, one even started a lascivious dance when they played „Do you feel Sexy“, I even feared she might drop her clothes, too. Ilari played along with it and even danced with her, clearly a show man, but I cannot say that I enjoyed that. In such a situation it´s going too far for me to fall for the antics of female fans, show or not. While Ilari wasn´t holding back and danced on stage, Miika, Lauri and Hannes stayed cool and looked amused about their singer´s actions. Lauri sang Backing Vocals and had to check the lyric sheets from time to time, because he´s not so familiar with them due to the lack of gigs. Not much complaints about the sound, as those are pros who had been performing for many years, as mentioned already. Maybe the bass was louder than anything else, but I didn´t mind, especially when the bass player is good, and I enjoyed hearing the bass lines better this time.

More photos in the gallery, link in the top section
At the moment the band – usually a quintet – performs as quartet, but this doesn´t affect the live sound. There are different song arrangements and guitar parts are sampled, if necessary. Vocally I was surprised to hear live what can be heard on CD – a rare case, as in the studio the recordings are usually filtered. „Do you feel Sexy“ and „ Love of God“ are definitely live highlights. After 1h it was over, unfortunately, I would have enjoyed another hour. When it comes to the show, the others could be a bit more active, and maybe Ilari less – but maybe the contrast between his private and on stage persona is a bit to extreme for me. Playing more gigs would be good for them, also to grow as a band. In any case, this is a band you should go and watch.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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