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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date05 Dec 2005 
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Ready to take the stage in a not so nearly full Docks Clubs, Hamburg metal legends Helloween are home. Opening the set with the kick-off track off their new release „Keeper Of The Seven Key, part 3 The legacy" was a little unusual since they normally open with one of the signature fast songs.

What seemed as a saving moment turned into confusion as they couldn´t stay in time for the classic “Eagle Fly Free” for whatever reason. It´s back to promoting the new cd which in the opinion of many was what´s point since only two original members are left. The past should have been left a fond memory since the new releases with Andy Derris are holding up just fine. Some classics were played such as “I Want Out”, "Dr Stein” and “Keeper Of The Seven Keys” while the later hits from 1994-2003 were not included except for “If I Could Fly”, "Mr Torture” and “Forever And One“. Since this was the Keepers part 3 tour one could of expected a lot more than what was presented, even the last tour for “Rabbit Don´t come Easy” 2003 was more a Helloween spectacular than this with a more diverse set list even going back to the “Walls Of Jericho” cd.

Many fans can only wonder what the next step for the band is, some can hope for a real representation of the current line up while others can dream for a reunion with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske.

Gabriele Palermo, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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