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Crib45 / Keoma / HeadSkull

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
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Datum / Date1.2.2013 
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Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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None of the bands in this package is really famous for their abundance of live-appearances, therefore it was clear for me to pick this option from Helsinki´s entertainment supply on this particular weekend. Moroeover, there was more than one birthday to celebrate – as the celebration with a lucious dinner caused a certain delay, I unfortunately missed the first band HeadSkull and their “Premium blues rock deep from the northern suburbs of Helsinki”, so far their own definition.

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When I arrived, Keoma had just started their set. This band was founded in 2008 and has released 3 EPs so far – and is difficult to place into a genre; Keoma themselves mention more than one: ”Alternative/Metal/Rock”. Melancholic, slightly doomy music, something drifting between Melodic Death and Grunge attitude - powerful riffs and heavy drumming, presented by a charismatic vocalist. Their intensity, as well as their style, can indeed be compared with the band that was to follow...

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
“Being late” seemed to be the motto of this evening – as I heard later, there had been technical problems and belated soundcheck, bands started later and/or played longer than agreed – so the headliner of the evening entered the stage with a certain delay. I was not the only one anxious to see Crib45, because they were presenting a new line-up and brand-new song material. Nobody really knew what to expect... But what can I say, the new songs proved to be as awesome as those they had released on “Metamorphosis” - an exciting mix of growls, clean vocals, catchy tunes, tender moments (saxophone, piano) and brutal, massive sound walls with the intensity of Muse (imagine 3 guitars and 2 multi-instrumentalists, adding either extra percussion or extra synth /vocals) – a continuation of their style, yet with a “rougher” attitude than the older material, I´d say. Cannot wait that the new CD, which will be recorded soon-ish and will hopefully be released this year...

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
The only negative aspect – the setlist (“through the borderlines”, “waiting for deliverance”, “fading hope”, “transcending”) could not be completed with “into the abyss”, because of club regulations. To everybody´s dismay, and naturally the band mastermind´s, who had intended it to be the “epic closure to the gig” - and probably also his “b-day celebration”... Well, at least Crib45 can be sure that they left audience hungry for more – hopefully soon!

The new Crib45 line-up:
Teemu Mäntynen (voc, git) – founder and mastermind
Ville Suovaniemi (git, voc)
Janne Pappila (bass, voc)
Sami Kurppa (keys, wind instruments)
Jussi Saarelma (keys, voc, percussion)
Jussi Pesonen (git)
Filip Franck (drums, voc)

Klaudia Weber

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