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Hanging Garden / Sons Of Aeon / Deathmarched

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
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Club PRKL 
Datum / Date8.2.2013 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery HGSOA_13 
Photos: Tina Solda 
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Two bands whose recent CDs I really enjoyed, and together in one concert in Helsinki? Let´s go! This nice event, organised by our colleagues, also provided a nice opportunity to conduct interwiews – which will be coming up soon...

Another band, namely Deathmarched from Seinäjoki (start photo), opened this evening with their Old-School Death Metal a la Entombed, which means rather groove than blast beats, which I found quite appealing. They had released their debut CD “Spearhead of Iron” in December 2012, and you will be able to find a review of it soon. By the way, it´s remarkable (in a positive way), that this rather shy Finn I encountered before the concert and this ruffian on stage was the same person...

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Sons of Aeon
from Jyväskylä played their first concert in Helsinki, and at least one band member seemed a bit nervous before the gig... without reason, as it turned out, no technical or sound problems. Those seasoned musicians delivered an energetic show with versatile songs - from Speedmetal to melancholic Doom, which got the audience into sweat and shouting for more, so the band just had to play an encore.
Enemy Of The Souls
Seeds Of Destruction
Cold Waves
Havoc Catharsis
Encore: Wolf Eyes

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
Hanging Garden
Feedback screeches in the beginning were a bad omen – and indeed almost half of the show was overshadowed by certain sound problems, yet those guys from Helsinki/Mikkeli disallowed any negative effect on their intense and passionate show. Still it was a pity that some more atmospheric parts of their melancholic songs – naturally the major part from their new “At Every Door” album – suffered a bit. Also here the enthusiastic crowd wanted more, but I could understand why the band did not give in to those demands, as it seemed that the club equipment could not quite cope with their more complex sound. Well, maybe it wasn´t possible anyway due to club policy. Still a great gig, and I´m looking forward to see more (check the band website for tourdates).
Ten Thousand Cranes
The Blackbirds
Ash and Dust
Where Serpents Dwell
To End All Ages

Klaudia Weber

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