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Electric Eel Shock

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date19 Dec 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery EES_Molotow_HH_2005 
Photos: Rika Boldt, Samira Alinto, Akihito Morimoto 
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Short after having tour with Bloodhound Gang in US and Europe, Electric Eel Shock came back to Hamburg City again. Most of the people who saw the Japanese guys a few weeks before, exactly knew what was going to happen. Freak show, weird, sick, even wearing socks on dick...??? Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

We were talking with the Club Manager before, just to get to know, how many people could join the club, 300 – 400 was the answer. Everyone who has ever been in the Molotow, knows, that a sold out show means no space left in back and front, no air to breath, well absolutely Rock’n’Roll and perfect circumstances for Electric Eel Shock.

Caught up in this hot atmosphere, decorated like a 70’ties Porn lounge, the guys started their show with Black Sabbath, Iron Man. The audience was waiting for this time and the small hall was heart up. Drummer Gian came up on the stage only with a little tiny sock on his dick. Suddenly it seems that more female fans have to check the stage clearly… Just in case… But no doubt everybody liked his fashion. Powerful and energetic sound makes all fans more excited.

There was a small mosh pit at the front of stage, and it got bigger and bigger with each song. A mosh pit in the Molotow? That’s not possible, you say? Well, believe us, it is! Middle of the show, one of the fans appeared on stage and gave schnaps for every member, they took shot grass friendly. Singer Aki screamed on stage “We are Electric Eel Shock, and you are Electric Eel Shock, too!!” “Yes, we are”, was the answer! That is why the fans love EES.

Their play was fan, exiting and very rock´n´roll metal. They are not big guys, wondering where their hard power come from but one thing is absolutely clear: The guys just know exactly how to entertain the masses, so Hamburg City is ready for the next Japanese invasion…

Rika Boldt, Jasmin Froghy

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