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Eläkeläiset | Bruno Punani

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date19 Apr 2013 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Elakelaiset_BP_2013 
Photos: Samira Alinto 
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„A Farewell to Humppa Tour 2013“, already the name of this tour makes fans quiet nervous. Will the crazy pensioners really quit? Onni Waris gave the all clear, during an interview we did beforehand with him. Eläkeläiset is planning to please us, by humpping the stages, for 20 more years.

Bruno Punani
The pretty unknown band, Bruno Punani, was the opener of this evening. The band from Salzwedel with their funny lyrics, the queer stage-outfits, their two dancers, and their Balkan-folk music fitted to Eläkeläiset really well. Songs like the opener „Haare auf der Brust“, the social-critic „Hans & Olga“ or the very catchy „Ochota“ were well received from the audience. Their singer, Waldemar Lieder, squeezed seven songs into their half an hour set; some were in German, some in Russian and some in English. As far as the vocals and the instrumental skills go, they are not the Holy Grail, but not bad either. Apart from a handful of female fans and one guy in home pants, who filmed under the skirts of the dancers – I really hope that was a joke -, the audience was keeping its distance to the stage. Bruno Punani is for friends of funny entertainment worth a watch. So, if they play somewhere close to you, you should check them out.

After a short break was it time for the kings of Humppa. With a fag in mouth and a drink in hand, they entered the stage. Already with their starter „Humppaidiootti“ (Walk Idiot Walk from The Hives) there was no space in front of the stage any more. Due to there being no photo-pit and an almost sold-out partying Markthalle, I ask you to excuse the poor photo-quality. What the five gentlemen from Joensuu offered was their regular weirdly sung, off-key played and highly infectious Humppa-versions of famous songs. With Eläkeläiset golden oldies like „Humppasonni“ (Join me in Death from HIM), „Sovarin Humppa“ (Ace of Spades from Motörhead) and „Poro“ (The Robots from Kraftwerk) they galloped through their luscious set and left the stage with the promise of a quick return. Well done!

Samira Alinto

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