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Stadt / City St. Petersburg 
Land / Country Russia 
Club Cosmonaut 
Datum / Date29.03.2014 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery turisas_gig_14 
Photos: Varvara Murasheva 
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The famous Finnish Viking-metal band Turisas came back to St. Petersburg after a break of 6 long years. Knowing this you would expect to see the long line of hardcore metalheads at the doorstep of the club waiting to come in hours before the ‘open doors’-time. But for some reason the reality proved to be different. Although the folk-metal community here has been active and merry through all the period, only the most dedicated fans, about 80 people, had shown up - maybe there were not enough printed ads and posters or just a big amount of other bands coming to town.

While waiting for the band to appear, the crowd – some in battle-style red-black make up also offering it to everyone willing – was discussing if the band will appear on stage at all.
But the band did appear and played with such energy and drive as if the show took place in the full-packed stadium.  Warlord didn´t seem to be disappointed, instead in the breaks between the songs he was cheering the fans, counting people who were present at the gig 6 years ago, replying the comments form the crowd and throwing fan-merch from the stage.

More photos in the gallery, link in top section!

And of course he was saying how much this all meant to him, talking about ancient history, the ´VARANGIAN WAYS´ of the band, the city of Holmgard/Nizhny Novgorod and Konstantinople.
The fans soon got exhilarated and started a nearly unimaginable circle pit for such a small number of people and mass dancing party around it. 

This all created a really unique atmosphere of a hardcore metal gig mixed together with a close-friends party. Turisas promised to come back rather sooner than later and we can only hope that they would keep their promise. One thing however is sure - we would remember this night for a long time.

More photos in the gallery, link in top section!

Varvara Murasheva, transl. K. Weber

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