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The Chant / Iiwanajulma

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
On The Rocks 
Datum / Date5.7.2014 
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Such a great summer weekend can also be less ideal for gigs in a club cellar, when those cozy terraces seem much more appealing... Yet as soon as Iiwanajulma started, there were also many people, almost like out of nowhere.

Intensity was the factor connecting both bands, not only in the music but also in terms of presentation – yet on different levels (that´s why the photos should rather do the talking). In the case of Iiwanajulma it´s definitely the excessive performance style. Although one of their songs deals with passive violence (passivisesta väkivallasta), there´s much more active violence happening on stage as well as in the pit, where people kept moshing throughout the show.
Iiwanajulma gallery

The Chant , who celebrated the release of their fourth studio album “New Haven” (review) on this evening, had not much options for excessive stage activities - 7 bandmembers on a small stage. So it was the sound, ranging from the calm atmospheric to the sheer powerful, and the passionate vocal performance of Ilpo Paasela that captivated the audience. Fascinated listeners instead of moshers, and we all would not have minded to hear a bit more… well-done CD presentation!
The Chant gallery

+ Fotos: Klaudia Weber

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