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Stadt / City Berlin 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date15 Dec 2004 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Helldorado 
Photos: Stephan Schmidt 
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Helldorado celebrate their „Director’s Cut“ in the Berlin Tränenpalast.

The Norwegian Surf-Punk-Band presents their record and starts a European tour

„ Burning Sun in the neck and dry sand between our teeth“ we would feel, if Helldorado play in Tarantino-Style the announcement promised.

Like it came out during the night, this was not wrong but it doesn’t do justice to the serious and very varied Rock of the band. And because only a few fans found the way to the Tränenpalast I was more reminded of a Kaurismäki set.. Also the cold wind that blew through the empty formally Borderhall, did fit more at Scandinavia than in the desert. Some melancholic songs of the set would have fit perfectly on a soundtrack from the Finnish director, and not to talk about the hairstyle!

But the 4 Norwegians from Helldorado had set out to leave the cold north and would like to rock in the desert. Front man and singer Dag Vagle gave his best and looked like rockstars look at the beginning of their career: A little bit hungry, a little bit sick and very cool. A full-blooded musician who gives all. And his 3 fellows Bård Halsne/guitar, Hans Wassvik/bass and Morten Jackman/Drums followed up and provided the listeners with their version of Indie-Punk-Surf-Rock.

Therefore the 4 musicians didn’t need a big show, their music and their stage presence was enough. And this was good! Not minding the countable bunch of fans, they played a great gig and even an encore. So, who has the chance to see Helldorado live, should do it: A band which celebrates „Women Shouldn’t Drink“ as a political song, has to touch the heart of every Surf-Punk-Listener, hasn’t it?

Anja Röbekamp

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