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Boy Sets Fire | Tribute To Nothing

Stadt / City Dortmund 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date19 Mar 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Boysetsfire_TTN_2006 
Photos: Sebastian Steinfort 
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Like every concert in Dortmundīs Soundgarden, also this concert caused a long queue in front of the club. One of the last ones featuring this name, because the place changes to Toxic. Hopefully itīs just the name that changes, because this club is one of the last in Dortmund for smaller gigs with about 1000 people.

The name Boy Sets Fire promises good gigs, so the club was totally sold out. Not just the gallery surrounding dance floor and stage was full, but also the stairs on the side leading to the stage. Therefore the openers didnīt have to work very hard on filling the space in front of the stage.

The Brits Tribute To Nothing were openers. Hell is for Heroes unfortunately had to cancel, so only two bands this evening. The TTN singer said that he considers moving to Germany because he really likes it here. After this prologue the band took off and had the audience move quite easily. Personally I have hardly ever seen so much going on during an openerīs show. I also noted that TTN became slower and slower, they had much more energy in the beginning of the set, and that wasnīt only caused by the song material.

After Tribute To Nothing you could notice with the rise of temperature that they did a good job. The set change didnīt last long, and Boy Sets Fire took over.

The band and singer Nathan Gray rook the audience with the first note. This was again one of those moments I was happy to be a photographer standing at the side of the stage and not right in front of it. It was pretty crowded before and surely didnīt get better when the audience began to move with the sound. Only some microphone problems interrupted Boy Sets Fireīs joy of performing, yet didnīt hurt the fun the band had on stage. During the show Nathan made the point that they wonīt play encores, that going out and coming back in was just a Rockstar Thing and they are not going to do that. Nothing more after the last song. Sometimes a fan went stagediving, and he seemed to be a friend of the band. the second jump ended on the barrier, definitely no fun, but he continued stage diving. And as announced, with the Boysetsfire classic After the Eulogy it was over, and the band was hailed when they left stage.

That also meant to get your stuff and to reach the exit as fast as possible. Otherwise it might take at least half an hour just to wait to leave the club.

For me it was the first time that I saw Boy Sets Fire, and I really enjoyed it. Someone told me that they are usually even better, but that show convinced me already and I surely check them out again.

Sebastian Steinfort, translation: Klaudia Weber

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