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Schandmaul I Regicide

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Große Freiheit 
Datum / Date02. Mai 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Schandmaul_Hamburg_2006 
Photos: Melanie Haack 
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When at early evening, 19.00 h sharp, the doors of Große Freiheit opened, a huge crowd was already there waiting to be let in. You might expect to see a mainly medieval-styled audience with a band like „Schandmaul“, but you were wrong: from black clothes, Gothic Girls and Metalheads to medieval brides and guys in suits, witches and the guy/girl-next-door, almost everybody was there.


Slowly the club filled up, and as „Regicide“ entered stage not everyone was there yet, but this didn´t hurt the excitement. With a mixture of Gothic Rock, Folk and epic influences the band from Oldenburg tried to impress the “Hamburgers” what seemed to be difficult. The combination of female soprano and male vocals wasn´t easily digested by medieval-freaks.

But the band became better with each song and it seemed that they really just needed time to warm up; a more self-confident attitude and cool announcements animated more and more people to bang their heads. Within an hour the audience was indeed warmed up and cheered to „Regicide“ who truly did a good job as support act.


The party feeling continued with Schandmaul. With harmonica, violin, lyra, accordeon and viola the spark lit up in the first moment and the opener „Drachentöter“ invited to shout along.
With that one hit followed the other: : „Vogelfrei“, „Tür in mir“, „Die dunkle Stunde“, „Feuertanz“, „Teufelsweib“, "Der Untote" – everything what cheers up medieval hearts, and everyone joined in to sing along...

In between a missing persons-announcement: „Little Simon´s mom waits at the entrance“. How humiliating when you have to squeeze through the crowd, but this missing person had the laughter on his side.

Singer Thomas had his fans under control, they jumped, sang, dance and laughed. The frontman´s anecdotes added to a cozy atmosphere. In the middle of their set the band had you feel a rough sound change. The new songs are much tougher and animated the audience to form a lot of moshpits and to go crazy dancing Pogo.

„Kapitän Koma“ from the new album served as invitation to serve self-made brew to the first row of the audience. No wonder not only the air got hot during the first half of the concert, but no tolerance for lazy bums: the band animated even the last rows to dance and sing along, and they were glad to follow this invitation.

Both girls in the band, Birgit und Anna, offered not only acoustic pleasure but also looked very nice in their clothes and were not lazy either in dancing to the music.

After two hours of best medieval sound service this party had to end, leaving behind a totally tired but happy audience. "Schandmaul" proved again to be an ecxellent live-band...

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Klaudia Weber

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