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Subway to Sally - Nackt Akustik Tour 2006

Stadt / City Osnabrück 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date28 Apr 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Subway_To_Sally_Osnabrueck_2006 
Photos: Timo Pässler 
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It is an early Friday evening in Osnabrück and the sun peeps occasionally through the clouds. Most people just come from work and are looking forward to their free weekend. So simply a normal Friday evening, except for this crowd, many dressed in black, waiting in front of
Lutherkirche. Passers-by wonder if there was a funeral or if satanists plan to invade this sacred Christian place of worship. Wrong, it´s just Subway to Sally playing in town!

The band from the East toured with an acoustic program through Germany´s churches, and their fans followed gladly this invitation. Also in Osnabrück, where Subway played subsequently two completely sold out shows in the local church.

Musically the seven Sallys, a cellist-friend added to their line-up, offered a best-of-pogram including several surprises (e.g. ´Ein Baum´ and ´Die Braut & Der Bräutigam´) and featuring practically their complete discography - except "Engelskrieger". Some songs naturally underwent radical changes – lyras instead of guitars and percussion instead of drums. But those new versions worked fine! With such a clear sound and suitable volume the audience naturally could not remain seated, soon they were all on their feet, clapped their hands and sang along. Old and new hits were equally celebrated (e.g. "Sag dem Teufel", "Mephisto", "Der Hofnarr", "Sieben", "Kleid aus Rosen" and "Rätsel II").

But also visually they pulled it off: a simple but very effective light show added the right touch to STS hymns. And the musicians were seated on seven high with plants decorated thrones, which looked great but restricted the view from the back rows…

After almost 2,5 hours playing time they rounded it up and a very happy audience left to join Osnabrück´s nightlife. By the way, this tour will soon be available on DVD and CD for all who missed it – or who cannot get enough of it. And it will be definitely worth the effort!

Timo Pässler, translation: Klaudia Weber

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