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Pleasures, The

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Studio One 
Datum / Date01 Jun 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Pleasures_Studio1_2006 
Photos: Peter P. 
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Those who think that "lollipop" is just candy for kids and panty hose, jewelry and sparkling make-up was invented only for the ladies on this planet... think again. Those who thought rock´n´roll like David Bowie and Kiss are a thing of the past were taught otherwise at the Studio One on Reeperbahn, the nightlife street in Hamburg, Germany on June 1st! Because at 10 o´clock it was curtain call for the debut album "Greatest Hits" from the five boys of The Pleasures!

The show´s cherry was popped with a loud "Well Come!" and immediately the colorful crowd around the stage started to sing along and jump around.

Starting with many new songs like "Mr. Pleasure", "Lollipop" or "Gloryhole" they continued with well known songs like "Parade Parade". And by the time they sang "Yes! It´s Us" even the last fan was drawn off the stool into the spell of the beautiful band. Therefore nobody was surprised that Lord´s question "Do you want to be our wife?" was answered with a vociferous "Yeah!", no matter if you were male or female. The marriage was consummated right away with "Honeymoon in Venice". Again The Pleasures managed to show their passion for music with a lot of esprit, charm, pleasure and skill at their instruments.

Their diverse songs are full of power and joy of life. "This band conveys pure rock, you can let yourself drift with their music like a feather, floating through the air carried by the wind of the sound, spinning around itself, then again calming down, but before touching the ground the feather is picked up again..." commented a visitor of the concert.

After a little more than one hour full of music, guitar acrobatics and colourful performance on stage, where fans of the first row participated diligently, even this gig came to a "happy end".

Happy from intoxication of the night, the audience let the band go off stage just to take the boys into the crowd only moments later to celebrate their new album together.

An overall felicitous, pleasuresque night!

Annika Schmidt, translation: Caresca Küttner, Annika Schmidt

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