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Philiae | Pete Blume | A Chinese Restaurant

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date02 Jun 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Rockelite_June_2006 
Photos: Melanie Haack, Peter P. 
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Rockelite Hamburg

It was for the first time that STALKER joined Rockelite, but definitely not for the last time, because we plan to support this idealistic Event in the future. A nice idea that the organizers realized here, far from competitions...

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At Rockelite we made interviews with all the bands that you can read here soon.

We came a bit too early to the location, so I had the chance to talk with Ovid, the organizer of
Fuck Christmas and Fuck Easter, and I heard scary stuff that I don´t want to withhold. First I am told how many Metal musicians join so-called “July” concerts and wonder why Ovid knows that. And as I ask if he joins The Skreppers gig at Rock´n´roll Warehouse the following day he admits that he is at the pop song event „Schlagermove“ and plans to enjoy himself with a lot of alcohol. The previous year he even met the security of Jürgen „der Po & König von Malle“ Drews there as he attempted to steal his jacket. Ovid… Ovid… hehe … well, loud waters are deep!

A Chinese Restaurant

But now let´s enter not to miss the first band! Well there could have been more people, but the evening was still young and A Chinese Restaurant managed to attract a bigger crowd and win them over. The last Fresh Act in the printed STALKER (June/July 2005) still hasn´t found a Label but neither the STALKER Crew nor the rest of the audience could find a reason for that. They rock like hell!

This trio has a particular style that they call Emo „Heart“ Core but that rocks much more than you might expect. The guys are fun and make you want more. Just want to know how many in the crowd would like to dress singer Manuel with a belt, because he wore his pants pretty low. Well, but if that´s comfortable...

Band interview soon to be found here.

Pete Blume

I have to admit, although all three bands are from Hamburg, I didn´t really know Pete Blume.
I heard from them and that they play this year at – wow - Hurricane, being happy for them. But why didn´t we check them out sooner? I have a very lame excuse for that: Because their bandname sounds very boring and painter or so... it doesn´t really rock. Well, I don´t know why my colleagues never really listened to Pete Blume but they might have a good reason, perhaps better than mine..

First thing that struck me were all those people filling the stage, in contrast to the trio A Chinese Restaurant. Optically… well, singer Matte appeals somehow with a certain stage presence and the drummer... well, can hardly be seen, and the rest, like three guys more, didn´t really appeal. I don´t want to suggest that they weren´t good looking, but they don´t have charisma and hide behind their hairs, keeping their eyes on the floor. A little bit more of show is indeed allowed to be performed by a singer. Musically Matte´s voice is quite nice and also the lyrics – except the chorus that seemed to belong to another song. Pete Blume play quite good German Rock.

Band interview soon to be found here.


With the new line up I had not seen Philiae live yet, singer Chris – who is now with Pleasures – was replaced with Guido Maria Kober. Furthermore, the previously rather background band member Patrick Debus, responsible for design, website, effects etc, still handles all that but also nowadays stands on stage at the keyboards.

Honestly, I needed a couple of songs to get used to Guido´s voice and the new stage outfits. There´s no comparison with the previous singer, and the extensive use of make-up had been replaced with some white powder. But after that I realized that the new Philiae work out fine and a similar voice would not do the job. Philae re-invented themselves.

Technical details and some surprises are still part of their program which might be the keyboarder´s influence. In the background they still have a movie mixing news clips and band lyrics that Guido partly screeches, screams and sings through a megaphone.

Not very provocative and not really effective on its own but in combination with the band performance (and the fact that not all of Guido´s texts are understandable) it works out fine and has the same bizarre appeal of their early shows. You never get bored with that band.

Band interview soon to be found here.

Many more photos can be found at the gallery. All together that night was an 8. A Chinese Restaurant and Philiae would have been 9,5 but Pete Blume is still missing something.

Samira Alinto, translation: Klaudia Weber

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