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Traceelords, The | Pure Inc. | Balboa Inn

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Ballroom Hamburg (formerly: Headbanger´s Ballroom) 
Datum / Date19 May 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Tracee_Pure_Balboa_HB_2006 
Photos: Samira Alinto 
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Balboa Inn
Cello, guitar, bass, drums and bongoes… I had never expected that when I saw the previously unknown band Band Balboa Inn from Hamburg (yes, shame on me) as openers for The Traceelords and Pure Inc. at Ballroom.

Singer Marcel has a beautiful rough voice that reminds me a little of Ron from 4Lyn, also regarding stage energy. Balboa Inn play interesting sophisticated Heavy Rock that sticks out not only because of the instrument choice but also because of optical values. Worth to see and listen to!

Pure Inc.

This band from Basel, formerly known as Pure Yeast, rocked right away with their opener „Saviour“. The voice of fronter Giannin Pontillo is indeed a highlight. I rather like the growling darker versions but no matter if you like his stile – a bit like Audioslave – no doubt this man can sing with a remarkable voice.

If you know the audience in Hamburg you realize how difficult it is to motivate them for anything, e. g. sing along. That enthusiastic band, especially fronter Giannin, never gave up and picked out Frank Mangelsen (perhaps known via Metalheadz Club) from all people in the crowd, even ending up sitting on his back.

At the latest this broke the last bit of ice, and the nice Swiss guys gained their demands for encores. Unfortunately that wish couldn´t be granted fully as the Traceelords wanted to start and still – everything began a bit later than planned.

Ein Interview mit der Band findet ihr bald hier.

The Traceelords

Pure fun with some perhaps too long, but very entertaining introductions is always part of the program when the Traceelords are on stage. This wonderful nasty ado between Christoph Leim (guitar) and Andy Brings (vocals & guitar) was also pretty funny, just like various demands from the audience that... partly... more or less... were realized.

And also the sort of traditional excursions by Christoph und Andy had to be part of the show. Listening to their new album „The Ali Of Rock“ I liked Bassist Slick´s voice already, and also live he added a touch of melancholy without destroying the party feeling; and Andy did everything to keep you smiling.

Those guys display, compared with other German bands - except those who just try desperately to be funny and who I cannot respect – the most stirring humour, and byt the way, they are also excellent musicians.

Read the interview with The Traceelords here.

A very entertaining evening, I only felt sorry for the fact that the Ballroom wasn´t really full.

Samira Alinto, translation: Klaudia Weber

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