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Billy Idol

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Hamburg Stadtpark 
Datum / Date19.07.2006 
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A few minutes before seven hell broke loose at Hamburg Stadtpark. Parking lots? No way. The police tried their best to keep parking sinners from evil deeds, blocked a whole street. The reason for this chaos was the most popular upper lip in show biz: Billy Idol stopped by in Hanse-town and caused a generation mix to have ecstatic fits.

Quickly the park filled up, and tightly squeezed Billy-fans waited in tropical heat for the show to begin. Punctually at eight the veteran of Rock entered stage and caused confusion: “Isn´t this guy aging at all?” Indeed, the blond guy bursted with power and energy and still looked quite sexy in his tight leather clothes, stud-belt and muscle shirt.

A reason for the slightly older female fans to have their sopranos rising up high. Having such a scream queen right beside me I soon felt the first symptoms of tinnitus.

As soon as the 80s legend started the fans freaked out, and a mix of old and new songs had them bang their heads. "White Wedding, "Flash For Fantasy", "Eyes Without A Face" – the full monty. Billy obviously enjoyed his fans´ cheers and returned it with lenghty handshaking, autograph writing and first class sound.

When he took off his shirt in well-known slow manner, the hot crowd seemed to boil over. A reason for Mister Idol to hand out water bottles. For cooling down he played the acoustic version of “Sweet Sixteen” and evoked longing looks and memories.

Finally the singer revealed that he had been inspired by the first class weather in Hamburg and gave a rocky version of the 60s hit “In The Summertime”. Naturally the top song “Rebel Yell” could not be left out that evening, and hundreds of voices chanted "In The Midnight Hour She Cried More, More, More..."

Yet Billy wasn´t Billy without encores, including "Jump" and "Hot In The City", spontaneously renamed "Hot in Hamburg".

After about two hours Idol prepared for the final round and said good-bye to an euphoric audience that cheered fanatically and kept chanting “Rebel Yell” for quite a while through Hamburg Stadtpark.

What a great evening!

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Klaudia Weber

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