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Boy Sets Fire | Kenzari’s Middle Kata

Stadt / City Regensburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date03 Jul 2006 
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Regensburg isn´t quite known for having hip US Emo bands playing there. Boy Set Fire tried it and surely didn´t regret it. The Kulturspeicher, a huge venue that might hold 1000 people, was filled half to three-quarters which was quite good.

Still the German openers Kenzari´s Middle Kata (whose name BSF-Sänger Nathan Gray tried later in vain to pronounce correctly) had quite a hard time to inspire the audience with their – err, Emo-, Punk-, Hardcore, whatever. A huge gap between stage and the audience illustrated that clearly. But the band is quite good. Yet not so easily accessible which might be their biggest problem. Their songs are partly overdone in terms of rhythm changes, mixed with screeches and chunky guitar sounds, very hard to groove to that, and quite stressful just to listen to, especially if you just came to have some fun. Bavarians are not really into radical changes, also in terms of music, and Kenzari´s Middle Kata had to accept that after an hour. Quite different scene with headliner Boy Sets Fire.

An angry but peaceful moshpit gathered in front of stage from the first to the last song. The quintet from US state Delaware convinced on full scale, played a lot of stuff from their new album „The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years“, but also old classics that were expected by their fans, who finally chanted the obligatory „Where´s your anger, where´s your fucking rage“ from all sides.

Boy Sets Fire are a band that you enjoy watching on stage. The guys have fun, so it seems, and the vocalist always tries to keep audience contact, tries for example the “Radler”-drink of a fan and comments it like: „You know, I heard about this story of the Germans drinking beer mixed with lemonade and I found it very weird. But I have to say this is delicious, very refreshing.“

Less entertaining his political statements, like he doesn´t like his US government yet all governments are stupid and had some skeletons in the cellar. “We are stupid, but all the others are, too” is a message that remains as commentary from a man who – and his lyrics reveals that – usually expresses a more thoughtful and demanding view on world politics.

What a pity, you should leave stuff like that at a Rock concert, not enough time, too much sweat. The BSF sound this evening was excellent, they played about an hour heavy and tight and gave their enthusiastic audience two encores before they left Kulturspeicher, that had turned from concert hall into sauna. And as friendly as they appeared to be on stage they talked with fans after the show, gave autographs and rounded up a nice evening in a Bavarian Beer garden. Quite nice, keep it going!

Andy Kuhn, translation: Klaudia Weber

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