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Billy Talent | The Subways | Samiam | The Cinematics

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date20.09.2006 
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Tonight, the Docks in Hamburg was totally packed and it was so hot. It was a sold out show. After Samiam and The Cinematics played and made the crowd begging for more with their powerful rock, people were ready for the next great thing coming up...

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The Subways

The Subways came on stage and from the first moment on the guys got the crowd caught up. During the show, Billy Lunn ( Guitar & Vocals ) and Charlotte Cooper ( Bass & Vocals ) were running around the stage like devils, from the left side to the right side...

Lady Charlotte was wearing a very, very sexy dress and lots of boys got extremly nervous glued to her watching the show. Their performance was so energetic and jumpy and not just because of female attraction - it seemed like everybody got into that original rock mood, the crowd really celebrated their music.

The last song performed by the Subways was “Rock & Roll Queen“, which is their biggest hit song and from that point on everybody was jumping together. What a show!

Billy Talent

After The Subways it was really time to welcome Billy Talent. For a lot of people, Billy Talent was the headliner. The band just released their second album “ Billy Talent II “, which got very good echos in the media and people were excited to see the last act on that funky evening.

When the guys started to play, the crowd made a big mosh pit in the middle of the floor and got pushy. One smash song followed the other and as they played their new single “Red Flag“, which is a very punk rock sound - the audience just couldn't relax any more, it hit them like a bomb.

The show was powerful with a lot of young energy. The audience got heat up more and more. Many fans were crowd surfing, having fun, dancing and jumping around.

The show was a big success and after the concert people were talking about a special date to meet again there...

When? The 8th October
Why? Billy Talent will come back then

Wanna rock again???

Rika Muroi, Jasmin Froghy

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