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Within Temptation

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Große Freiheit 36 
Datum / Date01 Feb 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Within Temptation 
Photos: Thomas Stein 
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After the sensational success of the current album „The Silent Force“, it was no surprise that the following tour would be a complete success, too. The show in Hamburg was completely sold out within a couple of weeks. When we arrived, there were already lots of anxious fans waiting in front of the Grosse Freiheit and who would have thought that the audience would be so diverse. Among the fans were people dressed in black, punks, elves, fairies and fathers, who were anxiously chaperoning their daughters, all sorts of people. At 20.30h the club was packed and the crowd was pushing towards the stage. The Dutch band Autumn, with front woman Nienke de Jong, performed on time and convinced the audience with their hard metal-goth sound. The comforting, deep voice of the graceful Nienke sounded alongside, and incited the crowd to join in. Autumn played a great support, so that when the headliners came on at 22.00h, they faced a warmed up crowd. Within Temptation entered the beautifully decorated stage – baroque angels adorned the hall – and immediately had the audience in its grip. With „See who I am“ Sharon and her boys kicked off and played one hit after the other. From „Mother Earth“, „Stand my Ground“, „The Promise“, „Angels“, to the current releases „Memories“, „Ice Queen“, „Running up that Hill“, and even the never before performed „Jane Doe“ ecstasised the enthusiastic audience. Sharon was on a roll, danced wildly, played with the audience, head-banged and captivated the audience. Even though her eye-catching gesticulations got a lot of criticism – she has never changed that and it’s fine somehow anyway... Why not? It suits her. Shortly before midnight, the curtain fell and an exhausted audience stumbled towards the exit, humming parts of „Ice Queen“. A successful evening.

Jasmin Froghy

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