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Negative | Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date02 Nov 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Negative_Gruenspan_2006 
Photos: Melanie Haack, Peter P. 
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Colourful or black dressed Glamrock-Fans from Germany and Finland waited in front of the Grünspan club doors, trying to escape from the freezing temperatures and to see their favorites: Negative visited Hamburg.

The audience was a nice mixture, dark creatures as well as young girls dressed in a lot of plush and pink. The crowd right in front of the stage consisted mainly of young and female fans, the others preferred to relax on the red sofas in the hall or went directly to the bar.

It began at 20 h: Supportact JANN WILDE & ROSE AVENUE entered the stage and caused some laughter even before they started playing. The reason? Those young guys from Finland looked like fugitives from a circus. Their songs kicked ass - pure Glamrock pur. Like Negative. Singer Jann looked a bit like electro-shocked in the shower. Just like his band colleagues he did not hide his homosexuality. Why anyway? For 30 minutes he entertained the audience and won them over instantly, yet his glitter suit seemed to be some sizes too small.

21 Uhr. Lights dimmed and only the clown from the recent Negative-output „Anorectic“ was visible in decent spotlights. An intro started, and the guys entered stage - immediately causing cheering and screaming. After the opener „Glory of the shame“ they played e. g. „In my heaven“, „Mysery“ and „Reflections“. The new album was quite known already, so the fans sang along almost every line also during the new material.

The voice of singer Jonne was amazingly appealing although this evening he suffered from a cold. Most people were not aware of this fact, perhaps because of his professional make-up. But he could not avoid to spit on stage all the time, which wasn´t very nice to watch, but the fans didn´t mind. Whenever Jonne didn´t cling to Guitarist Larry he jumped around across the stage, jumped on the podium, sat down, posed for cameras or smiled into the audience. The female fans were enthusiastic and waved posters, shouted or had a party. The whole concert was pure fun, and perhaps the more or less unwilling male companion felt a bit like rocking.

After the encores „Until you´re mine“ and „Inspiration“ Sir Christus offered another little solo and donated his towel to the audience. Nothing special. But very special for some people because he did not only use it for wiping off sweat from the face, he also fumbled with it between his legs. You can imagine the reaction of all those young female fans...

SETLIST Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue
01. Oh Oh
02. Mr. Wilde
03. Nothing but the Sky
04. Lover Lover Lover
05.Song for those who
06.Suicide Radio
07. Everybody´s trying to be my baby

SETLIST Negative
01. Glory of the shame
02. In my heaven
03. Misery
04. Reflections
05. Misty morning
06. Naive
07. The moment of our love
08. A song for the broken hearted
09. My my hey hey
10. One last shot
11. Planet of the sun
12. L.A. feeding fire
13. Frozen to lose it all
14. In memoriam
15. Until you´re mine
16. Inspiration


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