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Entwine | Gotham O. D.

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finland 
Datum / Date11 Jan 2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Entwine_Helsinki_2007 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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The same day winter finally made a short guest appearance in Finland´s capital, quite a lot of Goth Metal fans in Helsinki´s Rock club number 1, and their numbers should even increase. But the opening act had maybe only half of the audience that would cheer to Entwine later.

I have to admit that I had never heard of “Gotham O. D.” before, but I assume that this was true for the major part of the audience as well. Founded in 2003, the band had released only 3 EPs so far. Naturally they started with a Batman score intro and presented a well-balanced mixture of Heavy Rock and Goth. Although seeming a bit stiff and inexperienced on stage, the Batman-fans won over the audience with their third song. Singer Ilkka added also some growling parts – you could hear that Type O are one of the band´s influences – but for my taste could explore more variation in his clear vocal parts. Anyway, a very promising newcomer band, and I assume they sold quite a number of their new Mini-CD output “Serenity” this night.

Apropos merchandise, I couldn´t help smiling when I saw some “Entwine” items, underwear with the band´s logo. Sure, they are not the first and surely not the last band offering items like these but I keep on wondering about the purpose ... because fans usually don´t just want to support ta band with a purchase but also want to promote them exposing logos or pics to the public. So, err, what about UNDERWEAR???
Anyway, I kept on wondering who will replace Riita on keyboards because she has just left the band. On their website they stated that they will continue as quintet from now on, well, OK, but what to do live with older stuff? Indeed, no keyboard when Entwine entered stage, being welcomed by a huge, totally enthusiastic crowd.

The guys can celebrate 2007 as their tenth year as a Goth Rock band, and they seemed to enjoy every second of the show, especially the charismatic Singer Mika, always making contact with the crowd and cracking jokes in between. Excellent, tight show, and, yes, perfect sound – and I have no clue how they did it. Loops? A ghost-keyboarder off stage?? Once I could identify a guitar “filling in” but – no instrument seemed to be missing at all!! Well, a bit rougher on the edges becomes Entwine anyway, just compare “Fatal Design” with the predecessor ... Their setlist naturally focused on their recent output (e. g. Surrender, Break Me besides the title track) but also contained older stuff, e.g. Losing The Ground from “Gone” and Refill My Soul from “DIEversity”, from the same album luckily also Still Remains, perhaps my personal all-time Entwine fave. It represents the qualities of this band – heavy but catchy riffs and a chorus that keeps on reeling in your mind, and you cannot help but abandoning your photographer duties joining the crowd in the front screaming the chorus (“there´s no waaaaaaay to fall...”) on top of your lungs... conclusion: a author of these lines left the venue with a big smile on her face. What´s more to say...

Klaudia Weber

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