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Pacific Rim

Darsteller / Actors Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and many more 
Regie / Director Guillermo del Toro 
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
18 Jul 2013
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When legions of monsters come up to surface from the sea, a war begins that claims the life of millions of people and requires the input of all available resources. For the defense of the gigantic monsters, called Kaiju, enormous robots, called Jaegers, are being built. They are being directed simultaneously by two pilots whose brains are coupled via a bridge of neurons. However, even the Jaegers can barely fight back against the merciless Kaiju. With the prospect of defeat, the defensive troops, whether they like it or not, have to rely on two soldiers who you would trust last of all to commit heroic deeds: a sleazy ex-pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and a female recruit without any experience (Rinko Kikuchi). Together they have to direct a legendary, up to this point classified as outdated, Jaeger. Since the apocalyptical inferno appears inevitable, the two form the last bulwark of humanity. (Source:

Through a wormhole on the seafloor, saurian like, monstrous animals attack future Earth. The answer to humanity is Jaegers, who strongly resemble Transformers; they are combat robots who are being directed by two pilots coordinated to one another and who properly beat up the monsters. And that was about it; and if you add countless one liners and dull dialogues, there you have your story. If I ended here, I would not award more than 3/10 points for the idea and the script. Since I, as you can see, awarded 7.5 points for this movie, there must be something cool about it at last – and there is. I am not a 3D fan but since Avatar, I have not seen such good 3D technology. The analogy to Transformers is also a big plus because in this movie, the dream of all Optimus Prime fans comes true – a transformer you can direct. In this movie, all boys´ dreams come true and with a lot of popcorn and beer, it is actually enjoyable!

Samira Alinto | translation: Alexandra Venho

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