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Ich.Darf.Nicht.Schlafen. | Before I Go to Sleep

Darsteller / Actors Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong and others 
Regie / Director Rowan Joffe 
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
13 Nov 2014

„Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman) ...wakes every day with a blank slate – not knowing where she is, who she is married to, or what happened to her to cause her memory loss. The psychogenic amnesia she suffers from – the result of a mysterious traumatic accident – has made her a recluse with little hope and no ability to create new memories. Why can't she remember what made her this way? Has she been deceived or was she the one doing the deceiving? Most importantly, who can she trust?“

About the movie:
Already from the first second, the viewer is drawn into the spell of Christines feelings, fears and doubts as she wakes up. This is not only due to the story itself, but Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of the character. Without being hysterical, but yet intense, she questions whom she can trust so effectively, that the audience has the feeling of their own throats clamping up. Furthermore, Colin Firth’s impressive portrayal as Ben is so versatile, that, just as with Christine, one is left unsure of what to believe in. Just as the genre encoding promised, the whole 92 minutes is almost uninterruptedly thrilling. Even though it is easy to believe that there would be only two possibilities of truth in the story, just as Christine herself, one has their fingernails boring into whatever the hand so gently held beforehand. Throughout the whole enthralling film, there is a question, which is stretched out from beginning to end: What is it that makes a person; one’s memories, actions, or something else…?

Katharina Kernbichler

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