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Darsteller / Actors Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine and many more 
Regie / Director Christopher Nolan 
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
06 Nov 2014

The story: It takes place in the future. The earthīs resources are spent; every man works as a farmer to still the needs for foodstuff with corn and other products. On top of that, there are continuous sandstorms that cause lung diseases and life on earth a breaking test. To save the human species, scientists send four astronauts and a robot on a journey to other planets, to which astronauts were already sent 43 years ago and had been sending promising, but inconclusive results until contact broke. A farmer called Cooper, a former astronaut by NASA, who started off a family is the main character in the film. He and his daughter find ghostly messages, which sent them to the centre of the space program. Here the father chooses to embark on the mission instead of staying with his family and becomes the fifth member of the long journey

The implementation: As far as the visuals and sound go, no-one will find any room for criticism. Also the cast is high quality. The story is based on the theory and work of the theoretical physicist, Kip Thorne, who works mainly in astrophysics and gravity. Thorne was the executive producer and had the film run an intelligent and enthralling course. Unfortunately you canīt say this about the script as the characters are weak and the dialogue is partially ridiculous. The overdone emotions of the characters donīt really come over. Also the many repetitions –yes, latest by the third time itīs understood that family is important- presented through inadequate acting, especially present by Anne Hathaway, became bothersome on my part.

Conclusion: Visually impressive, great animation and an intelligent sci-fi story based on real research are the strengths of the film. Unfortunately high performance is not present in the dialogue or acting. All to whom thatīs enough should see this on the big screen.

Samira Alinto

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