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Shoot Em Up

Darsteller / Actors Clive Owen, Paul Giamattti, Monica Bellucci 
Regie / Director Michael Davis 
Total run time
86 min
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
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This movie will entertain you. You will be shocked and astounded, you will feel a sense of horror and dread, you will laugh at the extremely unrealistic stunts, but you will still be entertained. In “Shoot Em Up”, director and writer Michael Davis (Monster Man) has tapped into that vein that movies seldom find – the ability to keep you on your seat, even though every nerve in your body is telling you that what you are watching is wrong and somehow sinful. But sit there you will. And entertained you will be.

“Shoot Em Up” is basically what we want Quentin Tarantino´s movies to be like, before he found Hollywood and fame and decided to be a serious film maker. It is John Woo on steroids. It is a surreal trip into violence and death with no consequences. But it is pulled off with humour, and this is the one redeeming factor of the film. Although the body count reaches quadruple figures, the violence is over the top and not realistic at all. It is the same formula Peter Jackson used in his early films. Violence, no matter how graphic, is softened when we are laughing and know it can´t possibly be real.

The story starts immediately, and continues at a cracking pace throughout the entire movie. Mr Smith (Clive Owen) is waiting for a bus when he must save a pregnant woman from a series of gunmen. This leads to the birth of the baby, which Mr Smith must deliver, amidst a gun battle of epic proportions. Chased by the evil Mr Hertz (Paul Giamatti), Mr Smith must rescue the infant, and work out why the evil henchmen want it dead. Enlisting the help of lactating prostitute DQ (Monica Bellucci), the carrot-chomping Mr Smith must run for his life with the only things he knows how to trust – guns.

“Shoot Em Up” delivers enough punch to make up for the hundreds of lame action movies that have been delivered in cinemas in recent years, and will hopefully increase Davis´ profile as a writer/director.
This is not a movie for the faint hearted.

Tim Saunders, transl. K. Weber

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