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Quarantäne / Quarantine

Darsteller / Actors Jennifer Carpenter, Johnathan Schaech, Jay Hernandez 
Regie / Director John Erick Dowdles 
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
04 Dec 2008
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The Blair Witch Project introduced us to the point-of-view style movies that are amassing in the movie business and this is slightly scary as it is seems an easy way to cut corners in the hardships of movie making. At first I felt that no-one would be able to make another decent POV movie after the BWP, but films like Cloverfield proved me wrong. And Quarantine was a success.

The authentic acting along with the POV style and zombie horror genre was knit together into a good film. The style brought the audience that much closer, not only to the chaos of the zombie horror genre, but also to the fear and uncertainty of the characters. For all this, applauses are due to John Erick Dowdle, the director. The film offers everything one could ask for in a zombie bash-out: A still silence, broken by shrieks from the screen as well as the audience; scenes that have us all make a twisted face of utter disgust and not to forget, a sick laugh or two.

If you intend on going to see the movie -which is highly recommend-, don´t read further.

What´s more, the unhappy ending was a good smack in the face to the happily-ever-after Disney devils. But then again, few zombie movies seem to have happy endings.

Ozzy Aikas

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