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Max Payne

Darsteller / Actors Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, and Ludacris 
Regie / Director John Moore 
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
bereits veröffentlicht / already released
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Max Payne, like so many other movies made from computer games failed. Not quite as horribly as Doom, but rubbish none the less.

Mark Wahlberg has at times shown signs of not being a member of the Steven Segall group of B-class actors, but in Max Payne he failed. Basically he was just being a sad badass. Mila Kunis should also stick to being the pretty idiot, instead of spoiling movies like American Psycho.

There are, however some aspects to the film that weren’t too bad. Visually the film was nice and some of the side actors weren’t too bad. Ludacris, for instance showed that rappers can on occasion act without being completely horrible.
The game itself had quite a depth in the story and the main problem in this movie seemed to be the transition from game to movie. It just seemed that most of the problems within the acting came from the story, and the problem with the story stemmed from this transition. All in all, this was a house built on a firm ground, but soddy foundations.

The winners of our Max Payne raffle are Sven Heuß, who'll soon recieve his dvd and Marek Pahlitsch from Düsseldorf, who was supposed to get two tickets for the convention in Cologne. Unfortunately we haven't recieved the tickets in time, so we're right now together with the movie company figuring out a replacement prize. Sorry again. - The editors

Ozzy Aikas

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