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Onion Movie, The

Darsteller / Actors Daniel Chacón, Ken Takemoto, Steven Seagal 
Regie / Director Tom Kuntz, Mike Maguire 
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
bereits erschienen / already released
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The Onion Movie was a great experience; sufficed to say, it had a reviewer rolling with tears in his eyes from time to time. This is a movie composed of sketches based on a fictional news station called “The Onion News”. The film was actually already done in 2003, but shelved by Fox. After dusting it off and adding some fresher material, it was launched in June 20008 and now the DVD is out.

The satire in the film hits the funny bone with a hammer. For instance, lowering the weight limits in the classification of obesity mirrors the problem solving by the American government regarding their country´s internal problems. Furthermore the pure absurdity in some sketches –for instance the “Armed Gunman”- goes along the same tracks Monty Python did. One more praise this movie deserves is for getting a famous star to laugh a bit at himself; Steven Segall deserves a big clap.

This film holds strong similarities with an 80´s comedy by Weird Al Yankovich called “UHF”. Not too many people are familiar with this film, but the same idiotic genius is present. If one has seen UHF, then he/she should get his/her hands on this film, and vice versa.

This movie is intended for the kind of people, who enjoy satire, absurdity and are not easily offended. Normally sketch –based comedy works only in series´, but as Monty Python and The Onion Movie have showed us, there are the exceptions.

Ozzy Aikas

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