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The Expendables 2

Darsteller / Actors Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more 
Regie / Director Simon West 
Web http://www.trackemfindemkillem.com/
Total run time
Vö / Release
FSK/not under:
30 Aug 2012
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The Hollywood Goliaths are back and they want blood. The mercenaries, led by Ted Ross (Stallone) are given another job by Church (Willis), which turns out to be more than a mouthful. The target audience for this film is the same guys, who were mesmerized by the fighting scenes from Hook and now they are given the same stuff in an older, but not maturer way.

Not surprisingly, the acting was very questionable -just to state the obvious. Especially when the characters went on long rambles, it was plain to see how rehearsed the lines were. The weak links in this sense were Van Damme, Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris (in his case, the acting was probably so awesome that our brains cannot comprehend his greatness). Stallone actually did a very decent job of acting as he looked dead tired and depressed (as his character was) half of the time. The reason for this was probably his face lifts as well as his son dying during the filming. I could, however, not stop giggling in the theatre as Hemsworth was trying his best to convincingly go through the most cliché lines ever written.

One big surprise was the low picture quality. Considering how much money was invested, they should have been able to afford it and have the common sense to invest a lot in the visual aspects of an action film of this magnitude.

The tricky bit comes when one should give a grade to the film. If one had not seen or appreciated 80´s & 90´s action films, the points wound be below minus. After all, the acting was bad, the script was worse -despite the bombastic action scenes and special effects-, the picture quality was bad -the list goes on. On the other hand, the key word is tongue in cheek and as such, the film was hilarious -I doubt that there ever was a film with more one-liners in this decade (apart from Machete). In this sense, if the acting and script were brilliant, the film would have totally missed the point.

Ozzy Aikas

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